Invasive pest species are affecting Puerto Rico, USA and word agriculture, forests and natural areas, causing billions of dollars of losses. With globalization and increases in trade and movement of people, the frequency of species invasions has substantially grown in the last decades.

Puerto Rico is geopolitically located in a key strategic position and has the potential to host and play a crucial role in studies of Prevention and Preparedness for Invasive Species. Puerto Rico is located in a region where the probability of interception of new pests coming to the US mainland is high and where a proactive approach could be the front line for management of invasive species. In addition, Puerto Rico has its own agricultural interests and it, along with the rest of the Caribbean basin, will directly benefit from a US off-shore quarantine facility that provides research and appropriate training on target pests and potentially beneficial organisms.

The purpose of this website is to facilitate the process of obtaining a permit for the study of invasive species by condensing it into one single application form. The researcher may create a ticket to start the process.

The Mission

The center’s mission is to develop expertise, promote education and generate tools in quarantine and invasive species and support sound decision-making.

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