The Facilities


The Center, a multiagency initiative, is geopolitically located in a key strategic position and has the potential to play a crucial role in studies of Prevention and Preparedness for Invasive Species.

The center is located in the Botanical Garden South, University of Puerto Rico, in laboratory buildings that have been dedicated to conducting research activities in agriculture for more than a hundred years.  This location is about 20 minutes by car from both the San Juan International airport and San Juan’s major port facilities. The laboratory buildings are well served with parking space and an efficient and library well established in agriculture, which is integrated with other US academic libraries. Also, two conference rooms, fitting 120 and 60 people are available for courses, conferences and training activities.

The 10,000 square-foot (920 m2) state of art laboratory and greenhouses facilities house four containing rooms allowing the Center to work simultaneously with several target arthropod species.  Greenhouses will facilitate plant growing to attend the projects demands by the Center.

Quarantine Laboratory:



Green Houses: